IMAG0209Dynamic Products provides induction pipe bends in a vast array of materials and configurations including carbon steel, chrome alloys, high yield, stainless steel, and other alloy materials. Configurations include multi-radius, offset, and compound bends to include any angle up to 180°. Bends can be furnished with or without tangents, in sizes ranging from 8” through 60”, and wall thicknesses through 4”.
Unlike conventional bending methods, our effective heat induction bending maintains the physical pipe characteristics well within standard tolerances in bends that range from 3 diameter to 10 diameter radius.

HPIM0948Dynamic Products’ induction process localizes the heated area to coincide exactly with a continuous bending movement. Only a small area of the pipe is subject to change, resulting in minimal ovality and wall thinning. Utilizing this method in a wide range of pipe diameters, radii, thicknesses, and materials allows complete design flexibility.
Depending on the specific metal characteristics, either forced air or controlled water cooling is applied during the actual bending process. This ensures that the chemical integrity and physical properties of the pipe are maintained. In fact, with normal carbon steels, our controlled water cooling refines the grain structure and improves the mechanical characteristics of the bend so much that the grain structure and mechanical characteristics of the bend are better than that of the base material.

MVC-028SDynamic Products’ heat induction bends offer capabilities and results which are simply not obtainable with conventional hot bending methods. The best metallurgical qualities of the pipe are maintained through computer selected bending speeds, temperatures, and cooling methods.